Friends of the Merbabe

Just wanted to list some friends of the Merbabe, including my favorite dive operations, and amazing photographers.

Michael Zeigler’s amazing underwater photography, Sea In Focus.

XTC Dive Center, In Xcalak, Mexico.  If you are looking for the next amazing place to visit…just a quick hop, skip and a jump from Cancun, Mexico, but with less pollution and people.  A dive operation that I adore.

Deep Blue Scuba and Swim in Long Beach, CA.  A great environmentally conscious, customer friendly dive shop in So Cal, and might I add the shop I teach classes through.  Come the first thursday of every month for dive club meetings, or check the website for upcoming dive trips and news.

Looking for an adventure? Go to Utila, and better yet, visit my friends at Bay Islands College of Diving.  Say hi to Captain Seth and Captain Willy, or check out amazing 2nd Great Barrier Reef on the North Side.  Also, seasonal visits from whale sharks…

My good friend Anna Belle loves to travel and take pictures. Check her blog here, it’s filled with goodies.

Thalie’s blog, currently living and diving in the United Arab Emirates.


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