Earthday 2015

Happy Earth Day 2015!

Our Blue Planet
Our Blue Planet

As you know, I choose to devote this blog to the more than 70% of the earth that is covered in Ocean.  “Earth” is kind of a misnomer…we are an OCEAN planet for sure!

But keeping in  the happy spirit of celebrating this beautiful planet that we call home, I thought I’d list  some of the best ways to appreciate  Earth.

Photo Credit to Dudley McLaughlin
Photo Credit to Dudley McLaughlin

1) See it.  Enjoy it! Go hiking, scuba diving, go for an after dinner stroll around the block.  Earth is a beautiful place, get an eyeful.

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2) Be a good steward: Pick up the trash you see.  Don’t litter.  Set a good example.  Don’t throw trash out your car window (including cigarette butts).  Don’t touch or capture wildlife.

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3) learn about earth.  Do you live in the desert? A wetland? the mountains? a rainforest? Do you know? Try to live as in sync with your part of the earth as possible.  For instance, Southern California is going through a drought right now.  We live in the desert.  So maybe don’t plant grass, or any plants that require extra watering.  You’ll be happier, and your part of the earth will be too.

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There are small ways to make every day Earth Day, what will you do?


PS I am currently celebrating another year of teaching! Happy Instructor anniversary to my fellow PADI OWSI Class. 🙂

Scuba Instructors in Training...back in the day.
Scuba Instructors in Training…back in the day.