Ocean News

Our last undiscovered frontier, the ocean.  New stuff is being discovered, or figured out every day.  Here’s some of my recent favorite articles:

Octopuses: Graceful, smart, colorblind??, powerful, this article incidentally does a beautiful job of describing the varied personalities of octopuses:

Orcas off the coast of California: It makes sense, we have a bunch of seals and sea lions, and we do have migrating Great Whites

Record number of Grey Whales off the coast of California this year as well, and no one really knows why.  I see this and marvel at all the things we don’t understand about the Ocean.

Incidentally, a diver acquaintance caught this on film the other day in Orange County:

A hybrid shark, two different kinds of black tip sharks are mating now, off the coast of Austrailia, totally unheard of (maybe, since we’re not really so sure what most sharks are doing, most of the time)

David Hasselhoff (The Hoff) crab discovered:

what’s your favorite recent ocean news? xo -merbabe

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