Scuba diving is already really fun.  But sometimes, when you’re diving the same reef every day, or maybe all the fishes seem to be in hibernation, or, you’re stuck at a boring safety stop,  you come up with other ways to entertain yourself.  Let me make myself clear, in no way am I advocating being unsafe, but scuba diving can be so much more.  Here’s some of my favorite underwater Scuba games…

1) Blow bubble rings, or my favorite, bubble kisses.

2) Unstrapping someone’s fin.  Best done deftly.  This requires serious skill, but it’s fun for sure. Just watch to make sure it doesn’t fall off into the blue abyss and you’re stuck with the bill for someone’s TwinJets.


Underwater rodeos can be a good way to pass the time.

3) Underwater rodeos.  Drop in from above onto an unsuspecting diver, hook your knees around their tank and prepare to buck like a cowboy. If you’re especially stealth, they might not notice for awhile.  (Note, this is only for experienced divers, newbies get seriously stressed out enough already!) If their buoyancy is already not good, Do not attempt this one. You’ll both sink and that’s dangerous. Again, safety first Divers!

4) Pretend to be your favorite fish.  I like to pretend to be a trunkfish and swim around with tiny little pectoral fins.  Other fun ones: Whale sharks, dolphins, eagle rays, the list is truly endless, people.

5) Flip off the fish.  Tired of seeing so many fucking parrotfish? Flip one off. Oddly satisfying.  But my advice is, don’t flip off certain fish that are really territorial. They take it personally. I’ve been bit by Triggers and Damselfish. You’d think they wouldn’t get it, but I think they pick up on the general spirit.

Fuck you fish, I don't like your attitude.

6) Getting a song stuck in someone else’s head.  The first time I learned about this was after another Rihanna hit had come out. Everyone was singing it while loading the boat and the damn chorus got stuck in my head. I couldn’t GET IT OUT.  So I started humming it through my regulator, and lo and behold, those close to me could hear. And since noise is minimal while diving, it got stuck in their head as well.  My favorite tune to trap in people’s minds is Darth Vader’s theme song. You know, DUM DUM DUM DUM DE DUM DUM DE DUM….DUH  DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH….I used to use it to help regulate my breathing and consume less air (a seriously helpful trick) but it’s great when you hear other people humming it on the surface because they can’t…get …it…OUT!

What’s your favorite fun thing to do underwater, Diver?

3 thoughts on “Alternately

  1. Eloy Garza

    I get a lot of laughs, when I replace the emergency O2 with pure CO2. This joke usually works best with an older crowd and one willing to lose a fellow diver for a good laugh. Its a joke people, safety first or whatever.


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