The Rogue

So there’s a dolphin in the Bolsa Chica Wetlands.  This is rare. Like, it doesn’t happen often because ….before 2006 there was no channel to the ocean from Bolsa Chica.  It was reopened after a hundred years, and now the tides allow water and fish and other things to come into the wetlands.

Things like Dolphins.  He came in with his buddies/pod 5 days ago, and when they left, he stayed behind.

For those of you who are not from So Cal, Bolsa Chica is beach swamp. A super rare and awesome eco-system to check out.   It used to have the tides of the ocean all the time, but it was closed off more than a hundred years ago and then the Pacific Coast Highway was there, and now finally they reopened it so the ocean flows in with the tide.

THe last time I walked around there, I saw a coyote eat a …mouse or something! There are Blue Herons, and fish to look at, and you can see the sun set over the Pacific ocean just by standing in the wetlands.  It’s very cool.  And now, there is a dolphin named Bob who is hanging out there.

There has been much speculation about Bob.  At first, they speculated his name was Fred, in fact, before interviewing him or whatever and discovering his true identity.

Then they speculated that he wasn’t leaving because, well, he was swimming around in the wetlands, which is basically a dolphin buffet.

And then they thought, well all these people who have come to see him.  They are scaring him into staying and he won’t swim out on his own.

And THEN they thought, and because this is clearly the natural progression of all the media nowadays, that he…is being…bullied.

I must admit, I find this a little ridiculous.  I know that dolphins are basically the motor cycle gangs of the ocean, second only to those hardened thugs Orcas. And it is very likely that he is being bullied, but what is the point of them bullying him into staying in the wetlands? Did he get exiled from his pod? Is he mate competition? Is this media hysteria of bullying being applied incorrectly? I’m not sure.

For now, they’re letting him stay, so long as he is healthy.  They will only attempt a “rescue” if his heartbeat goes berserk or he stops eating, or beaches himself.  But what would a rescue really do? If he is being bullied, putting him back in the ocean is probably a death sentence. If he’s not being bullied, will he find his pod again?

What can happen to this rogue dolphin, and why is he choosing to live in this secluded dolphin buffet instead of gigantic supermarket of the ocean?


Bullied Dolphin Article


I'm not Fred and I'm not Bob, but I might be....A bully?

4 thoughts on “The Rogue

  1. jamie

    Your first mistake here im afraid is reading the daily mail. i will admit upon noticing this i did not read the article as automatically came to the conclusion it would very likely be a load of bullshit.

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