Shark Week

This one is for the ladies, which….most of this week’s posts will be for the ladies, so I guess it’s Ladies week.

Fun Fact:  I’ve heard some women say this before, they are scared to dive when they are on their monthly cycle because they don’t want to  attract sharks.

“First, rest assured, that there is no evidence that women are at an increased risk for shark attacks if they are menstruating.

That is not to say that the sharks can’t smell the menstrual blood. They probably most certainly can. This is despite the fact that the amount of blood is small and spread over several days. Sharks have an extraordinary sense of smell. However, according to DAN, many shark species are not attracted to this type of blood.” (Some scientists believe that the small amount of blood that is shed is actually a shark deterrent.)

Think this Leopard shark likes me for my personality?

“Again, there is no conclusive evidence suggesting an increased risk of sharks attacks during your period. However, even if there were, it appears it would be very small. The risk of a shark attack anyway is extremely small and does not appear to increase significantly during your cycle. So I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

Cited from this article

And here is the source article from DAN, discussing many other interesting women’s health issues and diving, including breast implants, pregnancy, ovarian cancer, Birth Control Pills, and just in general some important health information for women divers.

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