Mysterious Beach Rocks

This lady picked up some rocks from Trestles beach in So Cal.  She put them in her pocket, no big deal (except that when you come to the beach, the only things you should leave with are everything you brought with you, no more (unless you’re picking up extra trash….)).

Then guess what happened?


Everyone is like. What. The. Eff?  Me included.  but like all mysterious nature induced phenomenons, it’s probably science induced and not some crazy story from “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?

“Tricia Landquist, spokeswoman for the Orange County Health Care Agency, said the agency was called to test all seven rocks and discovered some type of phosphorous substance on two of them. The other five likely had some cross contamination while in the woman’s pocket, she said.”

So now we gotta wait two weeks to find out what happened.

Read more: San Clemente Times – Third Degree Burns Caused by Rocks Taken Home from State Beach near Trestles

In other news, don’t ever stare directly at the sun, even when there is a solar eclipse happening. Ouch.


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