California Dreamin

There are a lot of people who haven’t had the pleasure of diving in Southern California.  When I tell people how lucky we are to have kelp, sometimes the looks I get are skeptical.

I think people are imagining the dried kelp that washes up on the shore, the seaweed.  Or maybe they think there’s nothing to see because they can’t always see their feet when they wade out into the ocean.

looks different underwater, right?

But let me assure you (or gently remind you) that there is gorgeous, bright, colorful life off our coast.  I’ll let diver buddy photographer extraordinaire Michael Zeigler’s shots do the talking.

Spanish Shawl NUDI! Palos Verdes, CA

“Seeing the undersea world through a camera lens has enhanced my diving experiences and my appreciation for the beauty of the sea forever. It amazes me that more people simply do not know that such gorgeous colors and diverse life reside just under the surface in our backyard (Southern California).  I truly enjoy sharing the ocean’s beauty in an effort to raise awareness.”-Mike Zeigler

Blue Banded Goby, Laguna Beach, CA

Ending with a familiar scene for many divers in socal…..good old Gary Baldy.

Garibaldi/Kelp Scene, Empire Landing, CATALINA CA!

Like what you see? Check out more of Michael Zeigler’s underwater phography .  Or, ya know. Come scuba diving with me some saturday morning. I like to go early.

remember to look for beauty in all places,


Michael Zeigler is an underwater photographer, proud papa, and a fellow diver at the AOP.  Please check out more of his work at

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