Coastal Clean Up Day

Did you know Saturday September 15th is Coastal clean up day??

Find a way to participate.  It can be as easy as picking up some trash on your own while you enjoy the beach, or actively engaging in a sponsored clean up.

You’ll find me this saturday morning at the Belmont Pier with my Dive Shop Deep Blue.  We’ll be cleaning up the beach, as well as cleaning up the ocean in full scuba.  want to participate? Please do!

Click here for more information

You might notice that we are diving in honor of Artie Williams III.  You may recall my previous blog post (“Heavy Heart, Heavy Mind“) about a diver who passed and my feelings about life and and health, and this is the man that encouraged me to write it.  This seems an honorable way to remember a man who loved the ocean, and leaving it cleaner one day at a time to honor our own future.

Be there, or …be cleaning somewhere else!


hang on to your butts, guys.

2 thoughts on “Coastal Clean Up Day

  1. Thumbs up to you! We collected 10 lbs of trash from the ocean and the beach right in front of the shop. Felt pretty good to participate. Nice to meet a like minded individual.

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