Follow up on the pups of the OC

In my article a few weeks ago, I wrote about the alarming rate of sea lion pups in need of assistance in so-cal.

It’s gotten worse.

You see, it’s very early on in the season for this many pups to be needing help.  Usually, there are more pups in need of assistance after they have been weened from their mothers….but this is not the case right now.

I'd rather see them like this.
I’d rather see them like this.

The Marine Mammal Center has declared a state of emergency, as the number of pups in dire need of medical attention has increased dramatically. This weekend, 20 pups were rescued from beaches in Orange County…washed ashore malnourished, dehydrated, sick, and desperate.  At Shaw’s Cove on Saturday, I saw evidence that the MMC had been there earlier, as witnessed by the sign posted by the notorious stairs.

The sign said  (paraphrased) what their website is reiterating:

If you come into contact with a sea lion pup, do not disturb it, and especially do not chase it back into the ocean! They are on the shore to rest and recuperate.

instead of like this.
instead of like this.

Keep dogs away as well.

Don’t pour water on the pup, or attempt to feed it or catch it.

Call the Marine Mammal Center immediately: 949-494-3050 they are the only non profit licensed to retrieve and care for marine mammals.

The Center will come and rescue the pup….administering food, medicine, and rest at the center.  A marine mammal stays on average 2-4 months at the center before being released back into the wild…

and it’s not cheap.  With a record number of pups needing help, the center is running out of $$$.  Make a donation at if you think sea lions are adorable, incredible, and you want to help keep them thriving in southern california.  Remember, scuba divers all over the world travel far distances for a chance to dive with these playful ocean-dogs, and they thrive in our backyard.  Let’s protect them, and care for them, and keep our corner of the earth amazing and diverse.

xmerbabe, sending $$ and good vibes to the california sea lions

information gleaned from this site.

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