A little blog, 3 years later, a Merbabe grown

The Merbabe Adventures turns three years old today, and I am reflecting on the past years.

Before I had ever been SCUBA diving I was an empty cup.  I didn’t know I was missing anything, but I didn’t have a clear direction.

It wasn’t my first underwater breath that sparked my passion. Or my second.  It was a learned love that grew with every experience.  Each dive filled me with a new passion for what I was seeing.  Each new sea creature incited the desire to learn more, to take action, to have direction. Each year brought with it a wave of new people to surround me with similar passion.  A path emerged.

It’s been 3 years of Merbabe blogging.  Writing has inspired questions that have lead me to seek answers, which always leads to more questions.  Three years is only the beginning of this journey.

I close with some humor from my friend Chris and some of our mutual friends at the aquarium.  Happy Holidays to any readers who have found themselves here, and thanks for reading.



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