2 Years of Merbabe Adventures

Today marks an occasion: it’s been two years since the Merbabe Adventures became a reality.

It’s been 153 posts.  It’s been 500 drafts.  It’s been countless hours researching and learning.

IMG_1427 - Version 2
it’s been thousands of fish totally unimpressed by my attitude.

It’s inspired me to meet new people, make new friends, reach out to awesome photographers, boat captains, dive masters, dive instructors, aquarists, penguins, sea lions, equipment technicians, dive students, paper mache seals, cats in shark costumes, course directors, and countless others.

Some things have changed: I became a dive instructor, I got a new job, at a new shop.  I switched from Cressi masks to Atomic

underwater smiles from the merbabe
underwater smiles from the merbabe

Some things have not: I’m still diving all the time, I’m still curious and inquisitive about the things I see, and all my underwater pictures are still off frame, blurry masterpieces of my fin.  I still get cold on every single dive.

But my goal is the same: to investigate and learn, to educate and to amuse with all things ocean related.  I’m just as excited today as I was two years ago when the word “merbabe” popped into my head and my blog was born.

The zebra shark smiles upon you: an omen for good luck in the new year.
The zebra shark smiles upon you: an omen for good luck in the new year.

I’m looking forward to another year – let’s see what 2014 holds for the Merbabe Adventures.