Dive tribes. I was never aware of the phrase until recently, when it came to my attention that most of my social life is a dive tribe. I joined a mighty and professional dive tribe through the aquarium, filled with divers who have been diving since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and new divers, and junior divers, and whole diving families!
And when I completed my Divemaster training in Utila, Honduras (land that I love) I joined into a whole other community of dive tribe, the working professional tribe. There I met people who woke up every single day to teach and take fun divers DIVING.
As such, that means that most of the people i’ve met in the past 2 years have been divers, and my dive tribe has grown to impressive proportion. I keep track of them on Facebook, in a group i made called “Diver Diver”.
So what is the significance of being a part of a dive tribe? I always have a divebuddy ready to go. I always have an answer to any question at my finger tips. I know divers who have traveled almost everywhere in the world, and have completed almost every level of certification through most of the certifying agencies. Want a Regulator rebuilt? It’s covered. Need to know someone in Bali? Done. Should I dive Hawaii or Cozumel? Let the discussions commence. Have a picture of something unidentifiable? They got me covered.
My dive tribe is international, like minded, environmentally oriented, backpackers and rooted families. It’s like belonging to an exclusive club where the only requirement is LOVE SCUBA DIVING. So cheers to my Dive Tribe, I’ll see you guys 60 feet under.

Dive tribes hang out and do really fun things together, like hanging out on boats. And diving.

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