Awesome Fish! Creole Wrasse Edition!

Sex Changing Democratic Fish!

Creole Wrasse are awesome! They are the fish that got me into Marine Biology, so much so that I did not switch my major and continued  on with my Literature Degree….and took some Marine Bio classes on the side!

Creole Wrasse live in harems! One male for a bunch of ladies! and if that male dies, or a shark eats him, or the ladies team up to kill him for (never lowering the toilet seat* no scientific evidence of this happening), then the largest, most bossiest lady becomes a dude.

But creole wrasse leave their options open! If the ladies elect a new lady to be the man of their group,  and then the Brad Pitt of Creole Wrasses comes along, they can demand their new ladymanfishboss to switch back.  They are a democratic sex changing fish!

Creole Wrasse feed on zooplankton. This is awesome because, most Wrasses don’t! Awesome! Also, they live on Reefs, in the Caribbean. Some people call them Creole REEF Wrasse, but they’re DUMB. because their name is CREOLE WRASSE (or this: Clepticus parrae…but who the hell talks like that?!?)

Here is a super interesting awesome NOT BORING YOUTUBE VIDEO!

Creole Wrasse!

One thought on “Awesome Fish! Creole Wrasse Edition!

  1. Interesting! I know there are a bunch of fish that change sex but usually they only change from female to male. I know most fish can’t go back so that does make the Creole Wrasse a cool fish.

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