PB and J

I’m scared of Jellies. Jelly Fish.

Now you might be thinking, the more I read your blog, Babe, the more it seems you are scared of everything.

That might not be too far off the mark. You might remember my previous post about things I’m scared of, more scared of, Than Sharks.  And maybe OneDay I’ll make a post about things I’m not scared of, although it might be a much shorter list.

Electric Jellies at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Today, I’ll stick with, I’m scared of Jellies.  Not like, deathly afraid of them.  There are things I’m more scared of, like zombies, but  I definitely have some fear.  Because Jellies, they don’t have brains.  They don’t attack the people who threaten them, or the people who get in their face.  They don’t attack people who look like they are asking for it, they don’t attack, Period.   They just inadvertently drift into people and do damage.

They don’t even have to be alive to hurt you. Or fully in tact.  If you are in a salt water pool, with filtration from the ocean, pieces of jellies can filter in and sting you.

But damn, are they beautiful.  And really, not all jellies hurt.

Girl can seriously zone out like this. Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Maybe I’ll rephrase.  I’m moderately worried of Jellies.


*Friday’s safety tip, if you are stung by a jelly:

1) remove nematocysts by scraping the affected area with whatever…a knife’s edge, a razor,  a fin, anything.

2) Pour vinegar, rescrape, repour vinegar.

3) Take an antihistimine.

4) now you’re all good. chillax.

One thought on “PB and J

  1. I happen to be one of the lucky sort that jelly stings don’t effect very much. Maybe it’s a result of being a beekeeper and building up anti-venom for bees that helped. I just know the only time I was ever stung someone else got stung from the same jelly. She welted up and I barely noticed it.

    One thing that was nice about diving in California was the fact that 7mms covering everything works like armor for jellies. I remember swimming through blooms of moon jellies and nothing happening. It was really pretty when that happened. I would not do that here!

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