I already know, Guys

So at the Aquarium, we give presentations underwater.  They always want us to talk about recycling, and ocean conservation, and then when we do, everyone loses interest and walks away. You can see the eyes glazing over. 

So today, my team mate Vicki said so eloquently (and correct me if I screw this up, Vicks) to another team mate, :

“I keep it simple.  I usually just say, You protect what you love. And I love the ocean.  I want my grandbabies to enjoy it.  You protect what you love.”


I loved that. You protect what you love, and what I love is the ocean.  SO there you have it.  


3 thoughts on “I already know, Guys

  1. Vicki macdonald

    Hey Lindsay. Yeah. You got it right. Meaning is not in words it is in people. Saying something doesn’t make it so. That’s why I say what I say. It’s a beginning for those who haven’t heard.

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