I met Gari Baldi

I met Gari Baldi
I will bonk your head if you get too close to my house.

Top 5 reasons I love diving in So Cal:

5) The water is so cold, you don’t need coffee to wake up in the morning

4) Divers always say, “if you can dive in California, you can dive anywhere” (i’m assuming they’re excluding like, the north pole?)

3) The chance to see Black Sea Bass, Molas, Leopard Sharks, Great White Sharks (still waiting on this one…..) , Sea Lions, Seals.

2) Kelp. Getting all tangled up in it.  That divers dive with knives (fashioned to their thighs….hot)  to cut their way out.  The light shining in at an angle through the forest.

1)  The fact that I get to dive here every weekend, because I have the best job in the world, as a PADI OW Scuba Instructor  for Deep Blue Scuba!

cat’s out of the bag (and her name is Tiburon!) I’ve moved back to So Cal and am teaching scuba at Deep Blue.  Stop in to say hi, or chat dive.


PS List bonus: Garibaldis. Cali’s state fish. Garibaldis are awesome. When I was a kid, I went to catalina and rode the glass bottom boat. They gave me a pin that said “I met Gary Baldy” with a cartoon Garibaldi wearing a bowler hat.

Anyway, just the other day a very territorial baldi  bonked my head on a dive. I totally missed that when i was gone.

2 thoughts on “I met Gari Baldi

  1. I’m still proud to have been certified in Humboldt California. Diving in Northern California is a lot harder than here in the Cayman Islands. Low Vis, strong currents, kelp, and some of the dive sites are pretty hard to get into. I’m really glad you are working at Deep Blue SCUBA. I always told you that you will make an amazing instructor. Keep up the hard work Merbabe.

  2. Aw, I may have to use that Gary Baldi joke in my classes from now on. “And guys, if you’re really lucky you may even get the chance to meet Gary when we’re out on the boat tomorrow.” “Who is Gary?” “Oh, you’ll see.”

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