watch whatcha put in your pie hole

California has outlawed the sale of foie gras, which you may know is the liver of a duck or goose that has been gluttonously fed (forcefully overfed in almost all circumstances).  There’s been debate about it, but like it or not, the law goes into effect on July 1st.  This law is about preventing cruelty to the animals we are raising to slaughter.  But in this LA Times article, the writer makes a reference to bluefin tuna in the same breath as foie gras.

There is a definite distinction, which the author does mention.  Ducks aren’t endangered animals, the same way that many fish are becoming.  But perhaps the similarity they carry is that we humans have a tendency of feeling entitled to eat whatever the hell we want, just because we want it, regardless of price (and I don’t mean money here).

I love sushi. I love fish.  Swimmin with em and eating em.  Yum.

But there’s certain fish you shouldn’t eat.  I’ve said it before, and you probably know it since you’re reading this blog.  The ocean is not a bottomless mimosa that will refill itself every time you wanna get tipsy at brunch.

My family often asks me, what are good options for fish?  We want fish tonight, which fish are the “good fish”?

Luckily there are many good options for fish, but it varies based on location and season.  So it pays to stay informed.

I used to carry around the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch in my purse, but now that I have a smart phone I’ve downloaded the App for my iPhone.  Sometimes when I’m bored I just browse through it, looking for restaurants,  stories about fish, and any new updates.  Super fascinating.  And i make a point of not patronizing restaurants that are not sustainable.  And any sushi place that stocks blue fin tuna is out,  so I am never “accidentally” served it (like the writer of the article, who excuses himself for eating it).

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