the stuff of nightmares

My name’s Barry. I like eating coral, long walks on the beach, and invading your nightmares.

Barry was discovered a few weeks ago in the Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium.  No one put him there on purpose.  He probably snuck in hiding in some rocks that were delivered from another aquarium.

Aquarists were wondering what was killing the coral and injuring fish.  They laid traps which were decimated over night.  Left with no other option, they began dismantling the exhibit piece by piece, until they unearthed this four foot plus long lover of hide n seek, Barry the Giant Sea Worm.

Sea worms have bristles which can cause permanent numbness in humans.  Very generously,  Barry has agreed to be moved out of the exhibit, into his very own exhibit, where he will be capable of inflicting less damage unexpectantly, but will certainly become the stuff of school children’s nightmares.

There have been more people on the face of the moon than have explored the depths of the uncharted deep.  Can you imagine what else lies down there?

sleep tight merdudes,


Ps read more about Barry here

One thought on “the stuff of nightmares

  1. Robo

    Omg, that thing is definitely not from this planet. I think Barry starred in the first 2 Alien movies as well. And don’t try cutting it because it will just bleed acid!

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