Friday the 13th…Dun dun dun!

I like scary movies.  My best friend and I went through the entire horror rack of vhs in the video store during high school.

WE really liked the Halloween series, and also the Friday the 13th series.  Michael was definitely our fave, but Jason was cool too.

So it’s Friday the 13th, and I wanted to wish you a little Friday the 13th cheer

reminding you to be afraid.

and remind you that real life is always freakier than the movies.


PS the above pictured fish is a Marine hatchetfish. “The Hatchetfish has tube-like eyes that are permanently fixed upwards, giving them a scary look, but also helping them fish for food as it falls from above them. These fish are also equipped with light-producing photophores which are used in defensive behavior called counter-lighting. Basically, they can look like ghosts!”

THe above information and picture are cited from this site.  

I definitely got caught up looking at those pictures! Happy Friday!

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