don’t know why

I don’t know why Tibby, my little black cat, will throw herself off the bed in pursuit of a feather and a bell at the end of a plastic stick.  Spectacularly, she will jump three feet in the air with reckless abandon, and twist in the manner of olympian divers, falling off stairs, beds, and often tumbling into walls and furniture.

(Tibby, not doing much but showing her laser eyes)

Best case scenario, she catches it, and chews for a moment.  Worst case, it escapes her grasp and she jumps again. Does she believe it’s a bird? Does she care what it is?  It’s almost as if she enters into a state of chosen disillusionment.

Or, you know, she’s a little black cat, and her life is all taking naps, eating cat food, and chasing feather toys.

People enter that state too.   Chasing feather toys.  But there are hard truths that we must come to acknowledge and act upon. Consider this article about the opinion of a Mr. Lim, with the Marine Product Association of Hong Kong (which unfortunately shares the same abbreviation as our Marine Protected Areas).

I guess it’s also the chosen disillusionment of people drinking bottled water out of disposable plastic bottles.  Or using plastic bags on a daily basis.

do you wanna continue chasing the plastic feather toy, or are you ready to face the truth? reduce, reuse, recycle!


PS check this link for 5 ways to use less plastic in your life.

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