little black cat

I have a little black cat and her name is Tiburon. I adopted her earlier this year.  She weighs 7 lbs and has sleek black fur.

Tiburon likes to run ahead.  If i go up the stairs, she runs ahead.  If i go to the bathroom, she runs ahead.  Sometimes, she trips me. Her exuberance can be annoying.  But I started to think that maybe she has picked up on my traits, while I have picked up on some of hers.

Some people resemble their pets.  Some people’s personalities remind you of certain animals.  This is true for me on both accounts now.

Tiburon means shark in spanish.  When she eats, she really does circle the perimeter before closing in on the kill (consisting of canned cat food, etc).  She prefers fish to any other food, and being solitary.  I do believe her motto is, “you’re not the boss of me”.  Like all cats,  when you want her to do one thing, she does the opposite.  Like me, sometimes. It’s a wonder we ever get each other to do anything. But things have a weird way of coming together. we have a weird way of coming together on our own terms.

You might be wondering how this post is related to the ocean, and other than Tibby’s namesake, it really doesn’t.  But I intend to post blogs during the month of june documenting my personal journey of how I got here, why I decided to become a scuba instructor, and how I went from fearing sharks and scuba, to naming my cat after one of my favorite things.

xxmerbabe (and a sleeping tibby)

house cat? sleek jungle cat? apex predator? all of the above. 

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