bad viz.

we cannot control the ocean.  and she laughs in the face of our plans.

so cal has been experiencing some high surf, and surge, and bad viz.  a bad recipe for shore diving. but a wonderful recipe for a multitude of things.

1) practicing navigation

2) learning to dive within your limits

3) calling  dives off when the time is not right.

4) surfing, sun bathing, and other surface activities that might not be shore diving.

5) boat diving the channel islands.

But still.

“We’ve adapted admirably to our landlocked circumstances, mastering most of the skills of the landfolk, and managing, with much effort, to “fit in”. But the mermaid within longs to slip on her tail from time to time and vanish beneath the curl of a breaker, leaving behind her unwashed dishes. We yearn to be fully immersed in the weightless world of our free spirit’s true home, where our playful natures return to us with each sweep of our fantails, and protocol is silenced by a far more joyful call of the sea.  We want to be refreshed, to remember, to find our way back to the part of us that is mostly ocean. “-Margot Datz, A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids

I miss it.


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