it’s unfortunate

The timing is unfortunate.  The end of the olympics happens to coincide with the beginning of shark week on Discovery channel, which of course means i’ll be held hostage to the boob tube for another week.


The Perfect Storm.

anyway,  I’ve had a very hard time focusing on writing blogs in my spare time when I’m not diving, because Olympians keep doing remarkable things with their bodies and world records, and I can’t seem to look away.

And next week Sharks are going to be all up in my living room, and everyone knows Shark Week is like scuba porn.

In short, I’ve been lazy.  But this post is my tribute to the upcoming Shark Frenzy I will be in shortly.

Watch this video to whet your appetite.  


And because I think I’m really funny (but more realistically I’m probably turning into a crazy cat lady) here are some tips about photographing sharks.


It is best to photograph tiburones in their natural element. Look closely, they camouflage flawlessly.


Approach slowly. They may become alarmed at the attention, and you will lose the shot. It is best to feign interest in an object close to the tiburon, but not the tiburon itself.
Be patient, and wait for the shot. Eventually Tiburon will show her charming, photogenic side. That’s the money shot.
the goal is to get a full body shot, with the tiburon in a relaxed, tonic immobility. Meowwww



gosh, i think i’m funny,

blowin night bubbles tonight, xxmerbabe

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