my birthday

it’s my birthday today, but don’t worry.

soulcat Tibs shows us all who’s boss.

I don’t want anyTHING.  This year has been so amazing and bountiful.  I’ve certified 50 students into the ocean, i found my soulcat Tiburon, I’m getting a new niece.  What else is there to get???

26 is exciting and new and totally different from 25.  26 has the promise to bring new friends, new places, new lessons, new wine, new wishes, new love. New sharks, new dives, new places. New oceans, new dive gear, new hope.

Love and Sharks and another year on this earth.

25 brought me all of that and more.

this streelight in Xcalak that lights the way home.

And guess what?  It’s not just my birthday! I have the honor of being born on my sister’s 6th birthday.  Erin, who has had a big eventful year, who was the older sister who showed me the way and has forever scarred me from eating shrimp.  To Erin, who has shared more than her birthday with me, but her entire life, and to whom I am always grateful.

Erin and Justin’s wonderful wedding.

And even after that, I went to high school, and met this amazing hippie chick named Michelle, and we HAD the same birthday! Same day and same year.  And Michelle and I are still friends, 9 years later. Clearly, we connected over more than just a calendar coincidence, and I’m the richer for it.

girl, you always look good. 🙂

SO there really isn’t much I can ask for.

I mean, I even met a penguin this year. Whoa.

But there is one thing I could ask.  In my honor, today or tomorrow or Saturday or next week, will you pick up ten pieces of trash? For every 1 person who picks up 10, I’ll pick up 10 more.  And for my birthday, I’ll go to sleep knowing that we will leave the world slightly nicer today than it was yesterday.

with love and more cheerful gratitude,


a frog found in a toilet that made me smile

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