have you hugged a penguin today?

happy world penguin day!
happy world penguin day!

It’s world penguin day today, and because I am a lover of all things mer, or ocean related, I am simply charmed by these aquatic birds.

Here are some penguin facts for World Penguin Day:

Penguins live almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere.  But not all penguins need snowy cold icy waters, there are some penguins who live near the equator (Galapagos Penguins).

Penguins have flippers instead of wings and are accomplished swimmers.

These birds  have a layer of air in their feathers which keeps them warm in cold waters and ensures buoyancy (you may notice that bubbles shoot out of swimming penguins).  They also spend a really large amount of their time spreading (naturally occurring)  oil over their feathers to waterproof.

Penguins can drink salt water.

Penguins can control blood flow to limit the amount of blood chilled by cold water.

Penguins are not the best land walkers: they are famous for their waddle.  However, they are very good at sliding on their bellies in the snow, which is called “tobogganing”.

Penguins lose all their feathers once a year in a process called “molting”.  This is a gradual process (you won’t really see a bald penguin), however penguins do become deeply embarrassed during this time and it’s best not to draw attention to it.

have you hugged a penguin today?
have you hugged a penguin today?

penguin love!


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