What kelp tells us about Fukushima

Kelp Watch 2014: Did you know that the same way your hair can tell the history of what’s been in your body, kelp can tell the history of what’s in our water?

Kelp Watch 2014 was started by Dr.Manley and Dr. Vetter  in an effort to measure the impact of radiation from Fukushima in our coastal ecosystem.  Radioactivity released during the Fukushima disaster is starting to reach our shore, and in order to measure the levels, they needed to find a good source of measurement.

Kelp is a good measurement for a few reasons.  It is located up and down our coast and radioactivity will first come into contact with the kelp forests before they hit our beach. It also grows quickly, and is easy to harvest, and easy to measure.

If you are interested in the findings of Kelpwatch, follow Dr Manley on twitter.

Here are his most recent tweets from June 10th:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 6.37.24 PM
I think his findings are important; to balance reason and truth in the face of hysterical anecdotal evidence.
ciao bell0s!

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