Winter is here


Today is the Winter Solstice, and 4 days after my blog has turned 5 years old.  Although Southern California’s seasonal changes aren’t as dramatic as some other places, I can feel the most dramatic change in the chill of the Pacific.

I feel very lucky to have had the experiences I have in the past 5 years since this little blog began, to have witnessed the underwater phenomena and the growth in my SCUBA students.  This year I was happy to show my mom the joy of experiencing California Sea Lions underwater and to hold the clever octopus in my hand.


The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, with the longest night.  From here on out, the days will continue getting longer, as we begin the steady journey back to summer and the warm waters that California’s juvenile great whites prefer.

Although 2016 has not granted my every wish, it has reminded me that hard work and commitment are not a quick battle to be won, but an ongoing war against apathy and laziness.

Continue fighting the good fight, picking up your trash, using reusable bags, eating only sustainable seafood, carpooling, supporting conservation efforts, and educating yourself in scientific endeavors.



PS I choose to end this year on a positive note, with the news that the Aquarium of the Pacific has successfully hatched a Giant Sea Bass larvae.  This little buddy is currently thriving behind scenes.  Giant Sea Bass are critically endangered, and thus far only one other facility has successfully been able to raise them in captivity. See more here:

IMG_1427 - Version 2
A Giant Sea Bass in his more giant form


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