Disney Lied

I know, big surprise, but life is not like Disney told us it would be. and you know what, good.  I’m glad.  I’m finding out that a lot of things lied to me.  And I’m ok with it.  Pixar lied to us too, you know. Like, Nemo? He would have died.  Fish don’t survive with that kind of disability.  It’s like, impossible. screw it, I would have eaten him. You get hungry in the wild, and it’s a fish eat fish ocean.

I’m getting wildly off topic.  This weekend I am heading out of town for my sister’s wedding.  So I thought I would take a moment to check in with this.  Marriage is hard, and they are both entering into it with their eyes open.  This isn’t a disney dream, this is reality.  But reality can also be really lovely too, and I wanted to take a second and point out at least one awesome ocean related lovey-dovey but real thing.

So Romantic
So Romanticccc

Anglerfish.  There are a lot of animals they say that mate for life, but with further DNA testing find that mates have strayed. Not Anglerfish Anglerfish have to find each other in the inky blackness of the ocean.  And once they do, they stick like glue.

“In the total darkness that is the ocean floor, finding a mate at the right moment is a nearly impossible challenge. Instead, mature Angler fish males have developed a different approach. When they are mature, their digestive systems begin to pack it in, forcing them to find a female to bond to. Once he finds one, he gives her a very special love bite, releasing an enzyme that dissolved his mouth and her body and fusing them together, truly making them two hearts beating as one, as they will share a bloodstream for the rest of their lives. When the time comes for her to spawn, she will already have a mate ready and waiting to father her future brood.”-Quoted from this article

May Justin release the enzyme dissolved in his mouth and fuse him to Erin with a shared blood stream ( I mean this symbolically, of course), with lots of love from a Merbabe. xo

2 thoughts on “Disney Lied

  1. Vicki macdonald

    Great blog lindz. A little frightening but good
    That bite and enzyme thing is wow amazing.
    Best I can say without the experience
    (my marriage hit the rocks) is that for marriage to survive it must be a growing and evolving relationship. And there’s my parents 62 years of marriage. Best I can say about that is they were true to their vows. For better or worse
    Richer or poorer. Sickness or health. That’s what they did.

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